Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ovation Cell Therapy Review

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You can read my original Ovation Cell Therapy review below.  

Product Review is for 'Ovation Cell Therapy'. I am a user for Ovation Cell Therapy for 5 months and I have mixed reviews for this product. I give this product 3 out of 5 stars and I will explain why.
I started using this product because I wanted to dye my hair blonde and it was so damage after my dye job. My hair felt like straw after getting it professionally dyed and I was so upset. I heard about Ovation on a radio commercial 2 years ago when my hair was still healthy and figure I wouldn't need it. My hair was naturally curly and long, but now it is short. On the Ovation website there are great reviews for this product and that was one of the reason why I decide to order the product. If you do more research on the product you will notice that there are a lot of YouTube reviews on how Ovation has worked for them. I have also found that there are some negative reviews out there saying that Ovation has not made a change to there hair texture as Ovation claims to do.
Now back to my hair texture, it is now healthy thanks to Ovation, but has not speed up the growth or made hair thicker. Ovation has regrown some of my baby hair at the top of my head , but has not increase the length. I have now decided to use 'Loreal EverPure' collection after I finish the use of the Ovation Cell Therapy System. I do try to stick with my healthy hair routine which is getting monthly half inch trim, washing my hair once or twice a week, and deep conditioning. Also want to point out that Ovation is not FDA or have the American Hair Loss seal of approval.

I really wanted to stick with this product but I don't think its worth the $100.00 you have to spend to get the shampoo,conditioner, and cream rise. I want more from my hair and Ovation might work for most people, but I don't have the patience to wait it out.

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